2016 SHARP Fellows


The Summer Humanities and Arts Research Program (SHARP) is a 10-week summer immersion experience working on projects designed by Harvard faculty and library administration. The program offers many different opportunities for undergraduates to engage in formative and substantive humanities and arts-based research. Meet the 2016 SHARP Fellows.

Lev Asimow

Lev Asimow is a rising junior in Mather House and a Social Studies concentrator. His academic focus is on intellectual history and continental philosophy, and his interests span critical theory, existentialism, aesthetics, and psychoanalysis. He is assisting Professor Samuel Moyn this summer with research on the mechanisms by which human rights developed in tandem with budding welfare states in the 20th century. Hailing from Pasadena, California, Lev is also the captain of the Harvard Debate Council, an editor for the Harvard Review of Philosophy, and a member of the Harvard College Running Club. 

Tez Clark

Tez Clark is a rising junior in Adams House, studying philosophy. This summer, she is conducting research using the W. V. Quine archive through SHARP's Houghton Library Fellowship. In her free time, Tez enjoys drawing things for various campus publications, writing about politics, reading Melville, and being a bit of a social justice warrior.

Jess Clay

Jess Clay is a rising senior born and raised in Dallas, TX. He is concentrating in History and Literature, American Studies field and will complete a secondary in Government or Classics.  Through SHARP, he is researching in Houghton Library exploring the John James Audubon collection, his works, and his contemporary literary and artistic influences.  Jess gives tours at Harvard Art Museums (Student Guide), writes for the Harvard Independent (sports editor), and shoots with the Harvard Shooting Team (co-captain).

Edith Enright

Edith Enright is a rising junior concentrating in Comparative Literature (with a particular interest in classical Chinese poetry and translation theory) and pursuing a secondary field in Mathematical Sciences. On campus Edith is Poetry Editor of the Harvard Advocate, curates a late-night indie-pop radio show, and sketches everything she sees.  This summer, before she returns home to Singapore in August, she's excited to plunge into the digital humanities via working with Professor Peter Bol on the China Biographical Database—a huge computer-based endeavor to compile all of premodern China's recorded biographical data and interpersonal linkages.

Rob Hopkirk

Rob Hopkirk is a rising junior living in Mather House pursuing a joint concentration in English and Religion. He is primarily interested in the intersection of literature and religious experience, with a focus on the unique expressive capabilities of Early Modern English poetry to both reflect and subvert Reformation theology. Outside of the library, he acts for the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club, serves on the Harvard Art Museums Student Board, and watches old episodes of Cheers on Netflix. This summer he is thrilled to be a fellow in the Division of Academic and Public Programs at the Harvard Art Museums, where he will be developing his own public tour of the collections. Rob is proud to call Lancaster, Pennsylvania home.

Sarah Judd

Sarah Judd is a rising sophomore in Kirkland house who has yet to declare a concentration.  She is thinking about Statistics as well as government. This summer in SHARP she is working with Professor Peter der Manuelian, studying a collection of letters that were sent by a Harvard archaeologist home to his wife and his mother during the Harvard MFA expedition in Egypt in the early 1900's. Sarah is from Brunswick, Maine, loves the outdoors, and is excited to spend the summer researching and exploring Boston!

George Liu

George Liu is a rising sophomore in Adams house studying Visual and Environmental Studies.  He is from the great land of Ohio, where rivers catch on fire! In his spare time, George likes to draw, eat, sleep, and hang out with friends! This summer, George is working with Professor Ruth Lingford on her animated film, "The Girl in Question."

Brieanna Martin

Brie Martin is a rising junior in Lowell House concentrating in English, with a particular interest in poetry of the working class. She is spending the summer working with Professor Lisa New and her team at Poetry in America, a Harvard EdX Course turned PBS series which brings in celebrities and students from all walks of life for conversations that make poetry accessible and relevant to a wider audience. On campus, Brie directs a mentoring program in South Boston and runs Harvard Radio’s punk rock department. 

Thomas Peterson

Thomas Peterson is a rising junior in Leverett House pursuing a joint concentration in History & Literature and Theater, Dance & Media. He is from Berkeley, California. This summer, he is doing research in the Harvard Theatre Collection at Houghton Library, exploring the history of theater at Harvard through the George Pierce Baker papers and other archival material. He is interested in examining the tension between theater as extracurricular diversion and as academic pursuit. Unsurprisingly he spends a lot of time doing theater, but he also enjoys hiking, playing soccer, and studying all things French.

  Caleb Shelburne

Caleb Shelburne is a rising junior in History and literature working with Professor Christie McDonald on a project examining female voices in eighteenth-century French literature. Academically, his primary interest is the Ottoman Empire in the nineteenth century, focusing on gender, race, and imperialism. Outside of Widener, he enjoys ultimate frisbee, imported chocolate, and finding shapes in clouds.

Henry Shreffler

Henry Shreffler is a rising Junior in Eliot House, studying History and Literature, with a focus on France and the Maghreb. He is a SHARP fellow working for Professor Christie McDonald on her project on 18th Century French Women Writers. Henry also is a violist in the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, and a radio DJ at WHRB, where he also serves as General Manager. In his free time he enjoys going on long, meandering walks, learning about local Boston history, and relaxing with friends. 

Aaron Suduiko

Aaron Suduiko is a rising senior in Lowell House concentrating in philosophy. In particular, Aaron focuses on the narrative art of video games, and intends to write a thesis in this area this coming year. You can find his work on video games at withaterriblefate.com. He hails from seacoast New Hampshire. He is the President of the Lowell House Society of Russian Bell Ringers at Harvard College, and the Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Harvard Review of Philosophy. This summer, Aaron is designing and presenting his own tour at the Harvard Art Museums.

Zach Wong

Zach Wong is a rising senior concentrating in Visual and Environmental Studies.  As a SHARP fellow this summer, he is working with Professor Ruth Lingford on her animated film, "The Girl in Question"