Art Making

From prehistoric times to the present, humans have imagined and enacted the meaning of their world. Each new generation of poets, musicians, painters, playwrights, and other artists has a chance to do this afresh. At Harvard, you can learn how to participate in this vital creative process.

The Creative Writing Program

Playwriting Workshop
The Creative Writing Program in the Department of English offers courses in scriptwriting for film and television, fiction and non-fiction, poetry, and playwriting.

The Department of Music

Harvard Music
The Department of Music offers courses in composition and performance across a range of musical approaches.

The Program in Theater, Dance & Media

TDM The Man Who
The new concentration in Theater, Dance & Media enables students to learn the essential elements of theater or dance in a new media environment.

The Department of Visual & Environmental Studies

Drawing Class
The Department of Visual & Environmental Studies offers students instruction in a range of art forms, from film and photography to sculpture and installation art.