Foreign Language Citations

“Pojąłem, że każdy świat ma własną tajemnicę i że dostęp do niej jest tylko na drodze poznania języka.” – Ryszard Kapuściński, journalist

Students can earn a Foreign Language Citation on their transcript by taking four half-courses in the same language above the first-year level, at least two of them at the third-year level or beyond. Although the completion of a Citation does not fulfill a requirement for the Program in General Education, individual courses with a General Education designation may count for both a Citation and satisfy a General Education requirement.  A Foreign Language Citation allows you to offer proof, upon graduation, of a high level of competency in a foreign language, an advantage when applying for graduate programs, grants, or employment.

If you are interested in obtaining a Foreign Language Citation during your four years at Harvard, plan ahead, as you will benefit more from your language study if you take courses in consecutive semesters.  You also may want to plan your courses around a study-abroad or work-abroad experience.  You can find out more about Foreign Language Citations in the Handbook for Students.