Study Abroad

“With languages, you are at home anywhere.” – Edward De Waal, artist

Language learning and study abroad are key to the education of global citizens. Harvard encourages study abroad in a host of foreign programs and institutions. The application process is a relatively simple one, but students must plan their program of study in advance and apply for credit through the Office of International Education.

Study abroad is not only for concentrators in foreign literatures or civilizations. For those who have not experienced it, there is nothing quite like seeing a foreign culture—and inevitably also your own culture—through the eyes of another. Most language departments have advisors, including the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), who can help students to understand how their proposed coursework abroad fits with their study of the language at Harvard. Any international experience is radically enhanced by previous language study; its value needs to be developed by taking related courses when a student returns from abroad. Only then will it all come together as integrated knowledge and experience.