Summer 2021 Campus Access & COVID-19 Testing

Updated July 16, 2021

A&H faculty, staff, and students who are not currently authorized to be on campus may request access for the months of June and July by following the instructions below.



Important Conditions and Caveats

  • Regardless of your vaccination status:
    1. The COVID-19 training must be completed before you come to campus for the first time;
    2. Anyone working on campus for more than four hours per week must participate in COVID-19 testing (compliance is monitored);
    3. Masks are required indoors in all locations (except when you are alone in a private office with the door closed);
    4. Physical distancing of 6 feet is still required of anyone who is not vaccinated;
    5. All other Harvard COVID-19 policies apply.
  • Since most staff are expected to stay fully remote through the end of July, no returning personnel should expect in-person support of any kind.
  • Offices are not cleaned every day; please put trash and recycling bins in the hallway.
  • If you access campus buildings in the evenings or weekends, the ventilation will not be running at the maximum setting, and there is no cleaning of public spaces (bathrooms, elevators, kitchens) over the weekend.

Campus Access and COVID-19 Testing Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I request campus access?

  1. Complete the new Division of A&H Campus Access & COVID Testing Form
    • Requests for access up to 4 hours/week (i.e., no testing needed), to non-shared spaces (e.g., private offices), to which you already have a key, will be approved automatically and immediately upon submission.
    • The following types of requests may take up to 5 business days to process, though we aim for a faster turnaround: 
      • Requests for access to shared spaces;
      • Requests for access when you do not already have keys and/or cardreader building access.
      • Requests for access over 4 hours per week if you are not already in a testing cadence.
  2. You will be contacted only if there are questions or complications (e.g., you are accessing shared space, or you need keys); otherwise
  3. You can confirm your eligibility and assigned testing cadence in the profile section of Crimson Clear (please allow a minimum of 1 business day before checking and up to 5).
  4. Create your Color COVID testing account
    • Use your “Color Provisioning Email,” which can be found in your Crimson Clear profile to create you Color account. Email if you have trouble creating your account or accessing results.
    • Take your first test within the first week you are back on campus (watch the instructional video on self-swabbing).
  5. Identify the test kit deposit bin locations you will use.
  6. Select the day of the week you submit your test. Take into account the summer testing schedule.
  7. Pick up test kits and masks. Initially, supplies of masks and test kits will be located in designated areas in each building. Only take what you need for yourself for a given week. More information is forthcoming regarding this summer’s test kit and mask distribution plans.

2) Do I need to follow the instructions above even if I plan to be on campus less than 4 hours in a week?

Yes. Until campus fully reopens (slated for August 2), all campus access must be explicitly authorized. The access request form is our current authorization method.

3) Where do I pick up masks and test kits, and how many may I take?

We are in transition on this, so please bear with us. However, our plan is that all masks and test kits will be picked up in a single location for each building or building complex at the locations below.

Please take only one test kit each week! (Do *not* stock up--we do not have enough at this time.) You can take a small handful of masks (no more than ten). Do not take a whole box! Do not take more than you anticipate using in one week.

If you cannot find any masks and/or test kits, your building manager may be able to tell you where you can find extras or you can contact Yard Ops.

Building/Department Location Notes
Emerson 3rd floor (at copier)  
Sever (AFVS) outside B1 on the mini fridge  
Boylston ground level, on table in G10 There may still be test kits in individual department locations
Barker Center, Dana Palmer, Warren House 1st floor security desk at Barker Center There may still be test kits in individual department locations
2 Arrow Street 4th floor reception  
1 Bow Street (SAS, English) 3rd floor kitchen  
Music Department Mason entry table by the front office  
Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts 1st floor near the locked Main Entrance  
Linden Street Studios (AFVS) building manager will deliver to individual studios  
2 Divinity Ave (EALC) 2nd floor kitchenette, room number 224  
Sackler (HAA) 5th floor copy/workroom, room number 504  
HMANE Outside the Bld. Ops office, Museum of Comparative Zoology 153 Contact your administrator with questions

You can provide your own face masks provided that they comply with Harvard standards.

4) What if I do not plan to be on campus until after August 2?

Then you do not need to do anything at this time! (Except submit your vaccine record to HUHS if you have not done so already.)

But please do not use the form to request access after August 2; it is only for June and July requests.

Do be on the lookout for future communications from the President and ProvostFAS Dean, and this office.

5) I was approved for access in the spring and am regularly testing, but I want to change my schedule.

  • If you were approved earlier this spring to access a private (non-shared) space, you may change your schedule at will. There is no longer a cap on the number of hours. No new request is required.
  • However, if the space you were approved to access is shared (i.e., is not your own private office) then you must submit a new request if you want to change your schedule; please use the request form.

6) I was approved for <4hr access in the spring so I'm not in a testing cadence, but I want to change my schedule.

  • If you want to increase your time on campus to more than 4 hours per week, you will need to fill out the request form so we can add you to the testing database.
  • If your authorization was for a shared space, you will need to fill out the request form if you want to change your schedule (even if you are staying under 4 hours per week).
  • However, if your authorization was for a private (non-shared) space, and you will never exceed 4 hours per week on campus, then you can change your schedule at will without submitting a new request.

7) NEW 6-16 Do I need a schedule or not?

Schedules were required back in the spring, but they are not routinely required now (June and July). If you are accessing only your own private, unshared office we do not require a schedule. You can come in at will (but note the caveats above about reduced ventilation and cleaning on weekends/evenings).

We do need to know if you will be on campus more or less than four hours, because that affects the testing requirement (this question is included on the form).

We are also asking (on the form) for schedules from anyone who is accessing shared space (a shared office or lounge or the like). This is because the distancing requirement means that some of these spaces cannot be occupied at full capacity. In others cases we need to install a HEPA unit before multiple occupants are permitted. Therefore, these requests require additional scrutiny. We generally do approve them! But the approval isn't automatic, and we may request flexibility on your part while we work out the details with other occupants and with Physical Resources (if we need a HEPA unit).

8) I'm a unit administrator (Chair, Director, DA) and want a list of approved personnel.

Please contact Mathilda van Es at

9) I have questions about summer travel.

10) I have other questions about campus access, testing, vaccinations, building safety, fall requirements, etc.

11) Read the latest communication from Dean Kelsey

From: Arts and Humanities Division <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 9, 2021 10:17 AM
Subject: Campus Re-entry for the Arts & Humanities Division – A Look Ahead

Dear Colleagues,

I hope your summer is off to a fine start. I want to thank you again for the fantastic job you did this past academic year keeping the Arts & Humanities division intellectually vibrant and physically safe under very stressful circumstances. Although reluctant to interrupt your June, I continue to get questions about the fall, either directly or via the divisional office staff, so I write with an update and an invitation to an open office hour.


With the recent message from the President and Provost regarding the University’s vaccination requirements and fall planning, we can now look forward to a vaccination-enabled academic year of on-campus teaching and research. Since March 2020, the Arts & Humanities division has been following the guidance issued by the FAS on keeping our community COVID safe while also providing access to campus offices for faculty and graduate students when possible. With high vaccination rates in our community and the reopening of the State and the University, we are now moving into a new phase in which the division will follow the new University guidelines regarding any future COVID policies. In concrete terms, this means that the Crimson Clear attestation is no longer required before entering a Harvard building, although it can still be used to report positive symptoms to HUHS. We also ask that you follow University guidance regarding other COVID regulations including masking, testing, and gatherings. This currently includes the use of face masks while indoors on campus and continued testing regardless of vaccination status. All testing at this time will be on a weekly cadence.


Starting June 14, the Arts & Humanities faculty, students, and staff who are not currently approved to be on campus can request access at any time. We are developing a request form that will need to be filled out for that purpose. Since testing remains an integral element of our safe return-to-campus efforts, the request form will help determine if your visit requires you to be tested. Regardless of vaccination status, anyone working on campus for more than four hours per week must participate in COVID-19 testing. Once approval for the visit has been received (generally within 72 hours), the administrative leader in your department, center, or program will outline the steps required to return to campus and the expectations once you have returned. Note that we expect staff to work remotely at least through the end of July, although staff with extenuating circumstances should discuss possible earlier return with their supervisor.


Steps required for individuals newly requesting to return to campus:


  1. Complete the new Arts and Humanities Campus Access Request form to have your COVID testing eligibility reviewed. A link to this form will be sent to your administrative leader as soon as it is available.
    1. Your request will be uploaded to the eligibility file within 72 business hours if you are eligible.
    2. You will only be contacted if there are questions.
    3. You can confirm your eligibility and assigned testing cadence in the profile section of Crimson Clear
  2. Create your Color COVID testing account
    1. Use your “Color Provisioning Email,” which can be found in your Crimson Clear profile to create you Color account.
    2. Take your first test within the first week you are back on campus.
  3. Identify the test kit deposition bin locations you will use. The Science Center is likely the most convenient for most.
  4. Select the day(s) of the week you submit your test. Take into account HUH’s summer testing schedule
  5. Pick up test kits and masks. Initially, supplies of masks and test kits will be located in designated areas in each building. Only take what you need for yourself. More information is forthcoming regarding this summer’s test kit and mask distribution plans.


Once your visit is approved, please also review and follow the Harvard Guidance policies, which includes information about the following:

I would also like to share some additional good news. Dean Gay has lifted restrictions on the use of faculty discretionary funds, including the use of funds to cover the costs of the social interactions that are so essential to our work together. Use of faculty discretionary funds to support staff positions still need to be coordinated through departmental and divisional offices. Subject to COVID protocols and existing reimbursement caps, group functions (outdoors would be ideal) can be enhanced with tea and cookies, or the equivalent of your choice. Departmental and unit-level budgeting for social events is a work in progress and we will keep you updated as more information becomes available. 


Finally, I want to emphasize that those of us who have been away from campus will need to surmount an emotional threshold to make our return. This threshold involves, among other things, becoming familiar with the procedural requirements listed above, coping with offices or other spaces that have gone unused for many months, transporting books or computing equipment, and relearning daily habits of the commuting life. Although this threshold may seem daunting, my guess is that for most of us it will not be as difficult as it may seem. It may be a good moment to remind ourselves just how adaptable we really are. In any event, I look forward to seeing each and every one of you on campus, sooner or later.


Again, deep thanks for all you do.