The Arts & Humanities run on passion as well as curiosity, so it’s good to start with something you already love or think you might like. Do stories engage you? Movies or photographs? Arguments? Plays or concerts? Whatever your particular interests and pleasures, you can find Harvard courses to suit them.

Or try another angle: what capacities or experiences would you like to have under your belt by the time you graduate from Harvard? Fluency in a foreign language? An intimate familiarity with famous works of literature or music? A comfort with art museums and an understanding of why some art is deemed great? The ability to deliver a persuasive speech or to write a compelling essay? The capacity to make a documentary video or film that grips its audience? There are courses corresponding to each of these aspirations.

There are many promising paths into the arts & humanities:

  • Courses under the Humanities rubric create a pathway into the Division for first-years;
  • Courses in Art Making introduce students to myriad curricular arts opportunities;
  • Arts & Humanities faculty teach a number of engaging Freshman Seminars;
  • The program in General Education enriches students' understanding of the liberal arts;
  • Our robust Language Programs open students up to the world.

Each of these paths offers unique learning experiences, so choose your path based on your particular needs and desires.