Experiences Abroad

Thanks in large part to generous donors, the Arts & Humanities provide transformative international experiences in a panoply of ways.

Prof. Joe Connors

For some Departments, such as Classics and History of Art & Architecture, an overseas excursion with professors has become a standard element of the concentration.

“Words fail to accurately describe the joy I experienced after seeing the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa in person, with an educated eye. The excursion course to Rome provided me an irreplaceable opportunity to meaningfully engage with a painting, a building, a city with guidance from experts in the field. Most importantly, the excursion course made art history, an ostensibly “ivory tower” discipline, accessible for me and for a range of students who would not have been able to afford such an enriching experience otherwise.”
Buenos Aires

For other Departments, such as Romance Languages & Literatures, faculty-led summer programs give students a chance to study with Harvard professors abroad.

“I took Spanish classes for four years in both high school and college, and the amount that I learned pales in comparison to my summer abroad in Buenos Aires. There’s nothing like learning about the history and culture of a city as you walk through its streets, dine in the cafes, and eat dinner each night with a host family. This program changed the course of my Harvard career, inspiring me to study abroad for an entire semester and influencing my future travels. It truly was a life-changing experience that has opened many doors for me.”
Prof. Jinah Kim

In addition, every year individual faculty members lead class trips to international destinations.

“Prof. Kim's HAA trip to India was easily the highlight of my four years at Harvard. I got to explore caves and temples that I had read about but never dreamed of visiting, all in the company of top scholars in the field and students as passionate and curious about the region as I was. As a Chemistry concentrator, this trip (and all of my art history courses) stretched me to see art and architecture with different eyes and taught me to articulate the world around me with confidence.”

These international offerings give students an unparalleled opportunity to experience the works and histories of other cultures. Harvard faculty bring not only their expertise to these excursions and summer programs, but also their capacity to obtain access to otherwise inaccessible historic sites, archeological digs, and local experts. Students regularly extol the life-changing power of these experiences.

For more information about summer or term-time study abroad, visit: https://college.harvard.edu/academics/enrichment-programs/study-abroad

For more detailed information on summer study abroad, visit the HSS Study Abroad program: https://www.summer.harvard.edu/study-abroad-programs