Freshman Seminars

Freshman Seminars can offer an excellent introduction to the Arts & Humanities. A liberal arts education thrives when there is ample opportunity for contact with faculty and discussion in small groups. Freshman Seminars offer precisely these conditions. If you are curious about a certain department or program, check and see if any of the faculty members are teaching a Freshman Seminar. Many Freshman Seminars are taught by leading experts in the field, offering students a remarkable chance to jumpstart work in an area of interest.

Student in class

Below are the Freshman Seminars being taught by faculty members in the Arts & Humanities this year.

Fall 2018

FRSEMR 30G: Digging Egypt's Past: Harvard and Egyptian Archaeology
Peter Manuelian (Anthropology and Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations)

FRSEMR 30Q: Death and Immortality
Cheryl Chen (Philosophy)

FRSEMR 31M: In Pursuit of the Ordinary: Genre Painting in Boston-Area Museums
Joseph Koerner(History of Art & Architecture and German)

FRSEMR 31N: Beauty and Christianity
Robert Kiely (English)

FRSEMR 32R: Autobiography and Black Freedom Struggles
Tommie Shelby (African & African American Studies and Philosophy)

FRSEMR 33C: Borges, Garcia Marquez, Bolano and Other Classics of Modern Latin American Narrative
Mariano Siskind (Romance Languages & Literatures)

FRSEMR 33X: Complexity in Works of Art: Ulysses and Hamlet
Philip Fisher (English)

FRSEMR 34F: The Folklore of Gaelic Scotland
Natasha Sumner (Celtic Languages & Literatures)

FRSEMR 35E: What is Beauty?
Francesco Erspamer (Romance Languages & Literatures)

FRSEMR 35N: The Art and Craft of Acting
Remo Airaldi (Theater, Dance & Media)

FRSEMR 36S: Comparative Historical Mythology
Michael Witzel (South Asian Studies)

FRSEMR 36X: Money Matters
Evridiki Georganteli (History of Art & Architecture)

FRSEMR 37Y: Muslim Voices in Contemporary World Literature
Ali Asani (The Study of Religion)

FRSEMR 43B: Christianity and Slavery in America, 1619-1865: A Student-Curated Library Exhibit 
Catherine Brekus (Harvard Divinity School)

FRSEMR 60H: Faith and Fiction in American History
David Holland (Harvard Divinity School)

FRSEMR 60K: The Grail Quest of Marcel Proust
Virginie Greene (Romance Languages & Literatures)

FRSEMR 61K: Life Lessons from Professional Killers: What We Can Learn from the Samurai
David Atherton (East Asian Languages & Civilizations)

FRSEMR 61M: Silk Road Stories
Mark Elliott (East Asian Languages & Civilizations and History)

FRSEMR 610: Global Crime Fiction: Tackling Crime, Corruption, and Social Disintegration
Karen Thornber (Comparative Literature)

FRMSEMR 61Q: Language: The Origins of Meaning
Gennaro Chierchia (Linguistics)

FRSEMR 61U: Reading the Novella: Form and Suspense in Short Fiction
Jonathan Bolton (Slavic Languages & Literatures)

FRSEMR 62D: Voyages: Extraordinary and Wondrous Journeys through This and Other Worlds
Josiah Blackmore (Romance Languages & Literatures)

FRSEMR 62I: Early 20th Century American and English Poetry: Love, War, Religion and Nature, W.B. Yeats, T.S. Eliot, Elizabeth Bishop, W.H. Auden
Neil Rudenstine (English)

FRSEMR 62J: Harvard's Greatest Hits: The Most Important, Rarest, and Most Valuable Books in Houghton Library
David Stern (Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations and Comparative Literature)

FRSEMR 62L: Knowing Cicero
Jared Hudson (The Classics)

FRSEMR 62O: Who is a Fascist? Culture and Politics on the Radical Right
Jeffrey Schnapp (Romance Languages & Literatures and Comparative Literature)

FRSEMR 62P: War in Fiction and Film
Justin Weir (Slavic Languages & Literatures and Comparative Literature)

FRSEMR 70Y: Asian America
Diana Eck (The Study of Religion and South Asian Studies)

FRSEMR 71D: Zen and the Art of Living: Making the Ordinary Extraordinary
James Robson (East Asian Languages & Civilizations)

Spring 2019

FRSEMR 23C: Exploring the Infinite
Peter Koellner (Philosophy) and
W. Hugh Woodin (Mathematics and Philosophy)

FRSEMR 31Q: Literal Looking: What We See in Art
Peter Burgard (Germanic Languages and Literatures)

FRSEMR 34C: The Problem of Evil and the Nature of Human Freedom
Courtney Lamberth (The Study of Religion)

FRSEMR 35C: Soundtracking
Christopher Hasty (Music)

FRSEMR 37P: Reading Tolstoy's War and Peace
Julie Buckler (Slavic Languages and Literatures)

FRSEMR 61D: Trying Socrates in the Age of Trump
Russell Jones (Philosophy)

FRSEMR 62E: Soccer and Globalization in Latin America
Bruno Carvalho (Romance Languages & Literatures)

FRSEMR 62F: Talking Animals
W. James Simpson (English)

FRSEMR 62H: Dickens and America
Leah Price (English) and
Jill Lepore (History)

FRSEMR 62M: Can Art Inspire Social Justice?
Sarah Lewis (History of Art & Architecture and African & African American Studies)

FRSEMR 62N: Why Does Injustice Persist? 
Bernard Nickel (Philosophy)