General Education

Prof. Sarah Lewis

No liberal arts education should leave a student unchanged, and the General Education program is designed to unsettle your assumptions. What sustains a democracy? Should works of art be beautiful? Do human beings need an idea of paradise? Such questions are the stock and trade of General Education courses taught by faculty members from the Arts & Humanities.

The Gen Ed Program is undergoing changes, with new requirements going into effect in fall of 2019. Students of the Class of 2022 can benefit from some flexibility in the program during AY18-19. Any courses taken this year will count towards the new requirements. The best resource for finding your way through the Gen Ed Program is the website .

You can also explore courses in the course catalogue. Within the Gen Ed program, most Arts & Humanities faculty currently teach under either “Aesthetic & Interpretive Understanding” or “Culture & Belief,” as well as “Study of the Past.”

Course Catalog