Pathways in the Arts and Humanities

The Humanities include a range of disciplines that explore the ways in which people have articulated their understanding of themselves and the world. Humanities courses are taught by teams of faculty from several departments and fulfill requirements in Humanities concentrations and General Education. Learn more about pathways you can follow into the study of the Arts and Humanities here.

Languages at Harvard

In the words of Charlemagne, "To have another language is to possess a second soul.”  Explore over eighty language pathways.

Art Making at Harvard

Explore creative pathways in the arts through courses funded by the Elson Family Arts Initiative.

Featured Faculty

Matt Saunders: Creative Production in VES

Excavating History with Giuliana Bruno

Michael Puett:

The College of Chinese Wisdom

President Faust at West Point, on the liberal arts

Professor Stephen Greenblatt wins prestigious Holberg Prize.

Dumbarton Oaks Humanities Fellowship

Professor Jeffrey Hamburger elected to Monumenta Germaniae Historica.

Economy and the Humanities

Classics Sensibility

Tech's hottest ticket: That "Useless" Liberal Arts Degree

Suzanne Blier wins PROSE Award.

Summer Internships at Dumbarton Oaks

Professor Homi Bhabha awarded Humboldt Research Prize.

Carol Oja's Bernstein on Broadway wins American Culture Award.

Two NELC concentrators named Rhodes Scholars.

Does your background influence your concentration choice?

Arts and Humanities Concentrators and Careers

Meet the 2015 SHARP Fellows

Vijay Iyer: Downbeat's Jazz Artist/Jazz Group of the Year

Natalie Portman:On feeling like an impostor at Harvard and forging one's own path.

Nicholas Kristof: Drowning in information, starving  for wisdom.

New York Times film critic A.O. Scott,  '87 - '88, on film criticism and the Oscars.

On his path from Harvard.

Frank Bruni on
College, Poetry, and Purpose.

Frameworks: The Art of Looking.
Watch the trailer.

shell ocean photo

Frameworks: The Art of Listening. Watch the trailer.

Frameworks: The Art of Reading. Watch the trailer.

Why I chose to concentrate in English

Top Tech CEOs want to hire humanists. Read why here.

The Humanities in a Digital Age

Sampling the Scholar's Life

President Faust On The Value of the Humanities

Jennifer Roberts On The Power of Patience

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer on Proust and the Law

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