Deadline: Manuscript Workshop Grants for Tenure-Track Faculty


Friday, July 1, 2022 (All day)

To support the career development of its tenure-track faculty, the Division of Arts & Humanities makes available to eligible tenure-track faculty members small grants of up to $3,000 to support travel and other expenses associated with bringing experts to Harvard to review and offer guidance on their in-progress manuscripts or artworks. This funding is intended to augment the $1,000 that is provided to each tenure-track faculty member by the Dean of the FAS at the time of the initial faculty appointment (and contained in the faculty member’s start-up account).


All tenure-track faculty with primary appointments in the Arts & Humanities Division who are in their second to sixth year of residence are eligible for this funding.

Award Amounts

Up to $3,000.

Application Information

To apply for grant support, the following items should be emailed to Kendra Barber, Assistant Dean for Arts & Humanities at

  1. FACULTY CONTACT INFORMATION, including name, title, department, email address, telephone number, and campus address.
  2. PROPOSAL NARRATIVE (no more than 2 pages), including:
    1. A description of the manuscript or exhibition plan for a current body of artwork, which may include a book-length monograph, a set of essays, a portfolio, video, or other type of rendering
    2. Approximate date and location of the workshop
    3. A proposed list of participants
    4. Workshop objectives
    1. Permissible expenditures include:
      1. Traveler expenses (e.g., airfare, ground transportation, lodging)
      2. Workshop expenses (e.g., space charges, reproduction services, meals)
    2. Expenses must be consistent with Harvard’s reimbursement rules, including class of travel restrictions, and meal/hotel caps.


Proposals will be received and reviewed four times a year, with deadlines on the first business day of October, January, April, and July. Applicants will be notified, and funded if approved, within one month of the submission deadline.


Submissions will be reviewed by the Dean of Arts & Humanities.


  1. Funds must be spent within 18 months of the award date. Remaining funds must be returned to the Division of Arts & Humanities.
  2. Recipients must provide a one-page report no later than 3 months after the event has concluded. This report should include attendees, outcomes, what worked well, and what could have been done differently.